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sloan, elevator to hell and purple knight

Hello!  maybe a lot of you already know this, but the new elevator to 
hell 12" (and cd with whole first record), and the new purple knight 7" 
is being release August 6 on sub pop.

Anyhow, Sunday night on Canadian Exports (an hour-long canadian music 
programme on 89X, the Windsor "Alternative Rock" station) they played an 
acoustic version of People of the Sky.  I didn't get to hear it (I was 
at work!), but my brother said it was pretty cool.  I guess sloan did an 
"exclusive" 2 or 3 song set for 89X a year or so ago.  I remember 
missing the airing of the sloan songs by a few seconds a while ago, and 
I missed it again!  .........what a useless story!

And lastly, for those of you with sloan discography's (and who don't 
already know), sloan has a song on "Campsongs : Eden Musicfest Edition." 
It's just a promotion cd (not for sale) on MCA and the sloan song isn't 
unreleased (it's Everything You've Done Wrong).  My friend got it free 
when he bought a CD at Edenfest, at least that's how I understood it.  

				Bye for now,