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The Backstage/Saturday night/Rebecca West


Does anyone know anything about this place, apparently it's a new joint in
town called The Backstage, it's at 1663 Argyle...? i guess Ralph (you
know, Ralph!) will be playing there in a few weeks, perhaps with the
avengers 7 (rumors only, i have no confirmation on this) and someone named
leslie choyce, whom Ralph refers to as "the surfin' poet".

so how were the avengers 7 on saturday? it was kind of funny, how all
these people were at jrcovey's housewarming party that night and they all
left to see the avengers 7 at birdland, then 10 minutes later, half of the
a7 show up at james'. :) does anyone have any impressions of hope? we were
reading their lyrics from a cassette released about 3 years ago, and man,
did they ever suck. not just bad music, but mildly offensive lyrics to
boot. ****celeb spotting**** : the drummer from the monoxides was spotted
"lounging" at the aforementioned party. oooooh... :P

friday night, three of us braved the freakin' typhoon that hit halifax to
walk down to birdland to catch what turned out to be the best rebecca west
show we've ever witnessed.  apart from the vocals being a bit too quiet in
parts, it was simply amazing. they got really tight on their cross country
tour, even if no one ever came to see them. most of the songs were from
their new ep, although they also fit in "tried untrue" - one of the hidden
tracks on _burners on_" - and "(i love the way you talk about) tv" (also
from _burners on_) plus some new amazing songs ("girls hate the boys" and
that oh so clever beatles reference song). i have never seen lukas look so
goofy (some might call it intense, but he looks so funny!!), which in
turn means he was soooo on. allison declared the best band they played
with on their tour was a band in ontario called Hot Piss. she also
mentioned that touring canada was not fun and that they were so glad to be
in halifax and that they sincerely meant that. man, the crowds they played
for must have been really terrible for her to say that, because, man oh
man, birdland stinks. people were talking *really* loudly throughout the
whole show (ooh what a surprise) and after rebecca west came out to do the
most amazing, powerful encore, no one clapped, they must got ready to shake
their collective thing. fuckers. so i guess it's not the club that stinks
so much as the cabaret crowd. well, enough ranting for now.

except what the hell, tickets to that doughboys/elevator to hell show sure
are expensive!!!!!! blah.

ok, that's really all for now.