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THe help file from Sloannet-request


Just because we didn't all get a nice new "Welcome to <list>.  Here 
are the server commands" message, I figure some folks might want to 
SAVE THIS MESSAGE for the time when someday they want to leave 
sloannet ver. 3.0.

Andrew, Sloannet Archive Program (versions 1.x and 2.x)

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
From:           sloannet-request\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com

Welcome to the EMWAC IMS Mailing List Server at bluenose.canadaweb.com.

> help

This mailing list processor understands the following commands:

        Produces this message

   JOIN [listname]
        Subscribe to mailing list

   LEAVE [listname]
        Unsubscribe from mailing list

        Stop processing commands (eg to avoid processing your signature)

   SUBSCRIBE [listname]
        Subscribe to mailing list

   UNSUBSCRIBE [listname]
        Unsubscribe from mailing list

Commands should be placed in the body of the mail message.

If you have problems with this mailing list processor, you
may obtain help from a human by mailing postmaster\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com