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re : plumtree(again)

Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 01:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mark Dunkley <markdunk\!/iaw.on.ca>


>Plumtree agrees that we're all obssessed loonies :)

>Then Plumtree hit the stage.  That picture in Mass Teen Fainting does them
little justice...They are pretty foxy ladies:)

I'll second that. :)

>Here's the play list for y'all -----------------|

>Scott Pilgrim
>NaCl (I'm sure a certain chem student from halifax can explain it to
>I Don't Know
>Hang Up Baby ...
>Tropical (Request it on much music for them!)
>3:30 on the hill
>Phil was always...
>I love you when...
>Dream Dream (A cover of the old 50's song)

Speaking of cover songs, I've been listen to a certain song alot called "Baby,
It's You" whoes ultimate cover was done by the Beatles. This is just a
request, and I'm not expecting any miracles but I think this song would be a
perfect song for Plumtree to cover in concert. So if anyone is listening ...
but don't get me started on the whole who-would-play-which-Beatle
scenario(although of course Amanda would be Paul ...)   :)

>I had quite a chit chat about sloan net with the drummer.  She told me about
>the Coles story and thinks that that particular fan is a looney, (just
>playin with you).  She said that it caught her totally off guard.

I'm that looney and proud of it although in reality I was pretty mellow that
day. I can understand how it caught her off guard the same way it caught me
off guard. It was something I didn't expect and they probably didn't expect it
either. But they're going to be big rock stars soon(I dare to say the next
Hole), they'll get tonnes of new fans, groupies will be knocking on their door
(ok somebody stop me now, I'm getting carried away) :) They'd better get used
to the recognition because us looney Plumtree fans are everywhere!

>didn't mention the fact that she was looking for Micheal Jackson's
>autobiography :)  Well I told her that people all across Canada know about
>it now! 

 I've been advised by a friend  that the leak of that information would almost
certainly ruin Plumtree's reputation as ultra-chic, ultra-cool hipster trend-
setters, y'know like Bush X. ;)  (i'm so full of bullshit today)

>She said that Plumtree is coming back in late August to play an
>anniversary show, (probably Sonic Unyon related).  

Will this be in Hamilton or are you talking about the free CNE bandshell
concert in Toronto that I heard they were playing(along with Chixdiggit and
others). I'll be at the CNE for sure(well I hope to be).