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reminders (ad)

the avengers 7 will be playing at the birdland on saturday night at ten 
o'clock (or whenever carl allen is done...).  appearing for the first 
time will be new mjor rager on the four string mofo, mr. jc norton.  hoowah!

also, be VERY sure to check out the new releases on ant records: j safari 
and feldman, two very short, yet very good cassettes.  members of the 
motes and yellow sleeves go solo for these ones, i got a sneak preview 
last weekend and they are h-o-t.  buy buy buy.  

another thing: i saw bob and craig from sanisoft at kinko's last night 
putting the finishing touches on the posthumous sanisoft release entitled 
(i believe) "marks and angles," check it out.  when asked about the 
future of the band, they replied: "it's all over."