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hi from taipei! (no EC content)

hi hi hi 
i know, as a   veteran sloanneter that i am violating key 
sloannettiquette rules here but i want to say to  everyone from taiwan, 
the karaoke capitol of the world (there's literally one on every block in 
a 20 block  radius of where i'm sitting right now)
tere is an amazing club called KK here that i went to that's the size of 
an airplane hangar and had 2000 people there with two dj's who played 
taiwantese re-m,ixes of dance and techno music. they had  spaceshipes 
flying from the ceiling and stand-alonebalconies that people  climbed up 
to dance on.
oh well. i haven't been able to find any evidence of a live music scene 
here so far. i take swordfighting classs every day in 40 degree heat and 
then go to my hee-haw level language class ;) and then we get to watch 
ultra-cheesy kung-fu action movies at night to try and improve the vocab. ;)
anyway, sorry for taking up space. i miss  sloannet!
see ya,