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Dream...Dream Dream Dream


Plumtree agrees that we're all obssessed loonies :)

I just got back from the Plumtree show at Gord's in St. Catharines...  Great
show!  I even got to talk to the drummer for about ten minutes afterwards.
I asked her for the song list because I know some of you like it...

The show started with some weird band, (I can't remember the name), who had
a drummer who switched duties with the guitar player frequently.
The next band was some local talent...Loomer.  Pretty trippy/hard stuff.
Check 'em out.

Then Plumtree hit the stage.  That picture in Mass Teen Fainting does them
little justice...They are pretty foxy ladies:)

Here's the play list for y'all -----------------|
Scott Pilgrim
NaCl (I'm sure a certain chem student from halifax can explain it to everyone)
I Don't Know
Hang Up Baby ...
Tropical (Request it on much music for them!)
3:30 on the hill
Phil was always...
I love you when...
Dream Dream (A cover of the old 50's song)
The Phone The Phone

The show was great except for the problem with any small club... The vocals
were too damn quiet!
I had quite a chit chat about sloan net with the drummer.  She told me about
the Coles story and thinks that that particular fan is a looney, (just
playin with you).  She said that it caught her totally off guard.  You
didn't mention the fact that she was looking for Micheal Jackson's
autobiography :)  Well I told her that people all across Canada know about
it now!  She said that Plumtree is coming back in late August to play an
anniversary show, (probably Sonic Unyon related).  She also told me about
her relationship with Julie from ET.  The drummer does not like ET too much!

Well, that's about all I can think of right now with EC content.  Those in
the niagara region make sure you check out :

CLUTTER (my friend Yvette's band)

on July 27   \!/ KING WAH COURT  

It starts at 9:00pm.
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