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BECK! tribute

*T*W*O* *T*U*R*N*T*A*B*L*E*S *A*N*D* *A* *M*I*C*R*O*P*H*O*N*E*

Okay, I know beck is not exactly east coast, hey he does like sloan though!
Nardwuar even asked him about them, bout a year ago and although he didn't
have a clue who they were at first, he remembered his canadian DGC label
mates after much description from Nardwuar.  He said and I quote: "oh yeah,
I'm into that canadian tip stuff".  

        Anyways, I'm a super-duper beck fan, and about three months ago, I
started organizing a beck tribute tape.  We got contributers all over the
world from Florida to Australia to London, England to Amsterdam to Japan.
Which proves that beck is international music.  If anyone wants to
contribute to this tribute tape PLEASE e-mail me!  If you want more info
PLEASE e-mail me or visit my page at

        I hope this post wasn't way toooooo long fer everyone to read about
someone you may not even like, but you should like him!


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