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Re: plumtree encounter!

On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, Elizabeth Chorney wrote:

> >y'know what. I totally forgot about the whole avid reader card thing. 
> >maybe next time I'll ask.
>         All day yesterday my friend chris and i were praying that Julie
> Broken Girl would come into the store.  I would have bought her an avid
> readers card myself just so she could fill out the form.  I think i'll take
> a form with me to the super friendz show in Calgary tonight and try to sell
> one to Matt Murphy.  You dont' know how exciting that would be :)
Plumtree coming to my store was so unexpected because I work in 
Mississauga and they were playing in Toronto(which is basically next 
door, although the point is that there are tonnes of bookstores in 
Toronto). So whenever an act comes to town(east-coast or not) I've never 
expected to see them in my suburbian workplace. We do have an HMV in the 
mall which I work at which has had several in-store 
performances/autograph sessions so I'm always hoping some of my favourite 
bands will be scheduled. No luck so far(although they did have  
in-store performances by both Blue Rodeo and The Waltons back when their 
first albums came out which were alright). Now that you mention Broken 
Girl, I'd like to see her do an in-store at HMV. I'd be in the front row, 
sitting on the floor, legs crossed, even if I was all dressed for work. 
I'd probably get several stares, but I wouldn't give a flying fig.
I'm still hoping that HMV will smarten up and schedule more east-coast 
artist in-stores for the SUBURBAN malls....keeping my fingers crossed :)

Mike (who will definitely keep his eyes and ears open at work for east-coast
      stardom from now on)