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Re: new sloan site / new sloan net

> >On 18 Jul 96 at 1:16, shawnm\!/webgate.net wrote:
> >}I'm gonna be nice about this, the only thing I'm gonna say is why you gotta
> >}go coppin on someone's idea????
> and andrew wrote back:
> >Chill out.  You're not the first person to make a sloan page, and
> >you won't be the last.
> right on.  why not have a *few* sloan pages?  i think that's pretty
> cool myself.  you should see how many fan pages there are for
> uma thurman.  uh, how would i know that, you ask?  never mind.  :-)
> james

Then again, I dont understand why you're all uptight about my site.

Oh Well,

There's not many, so why don't make one?