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Re: New Sloan site Online!

> **shawn morris** <shawnm\!/webgate.net> writes:
> > I'm gonna be nice about this, the only thing I'm gonna say is why you gotta
> > go coppin on someone's idea????

> I don't know Shawn.. why "you gotta go coppin on" Mike Graham's idea? He
> did a Sloan page about 3 years ago. <grin>

> There's more than enough room on the Internet for different Sloan pages
> if you ask me.

Actually I interpreted the message as a lame attempt at using feigned anger 
as a form of humour.  But I could be wrong.  What do I know.
Maybe all the responses were lame attampts at using righteous indignation 
as a form of humour.



Dear Edouart,
	thank you for the kind words.