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Re: Request to Sloan Page owners

i already did this a long time ago ...lycos yahoo hotbot magleean <sp?>
it's there :) 
also if you search for almost any other murder band you will find my band
pictures site which in turn will take you to the sloan site.
it's heard though because there are many people who's last names are sloan
or universitys called sloan in the searches
hope that helps you a bit

At 10:35 AM 7/18/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Could everyone here with a sloan page go to all of the search
>engines (i.e. Webcrawler, Lycos, etc) and submit your link to
>each of them?
>You could have a lot more hits if all people have to do is
>go into a search engine, type SLOAN, and your page will come
>up instead of having to be on sloanet and getting the URL
>that way --- i know that i myself am too lazy to copy them down ;)
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Sloan site: http://www.webgate.net/~maenon/sloan

  savory zine info contact: shawnm\!/webgate.net