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ok then...

First of all I'm glad to see that all of you can read, I asked not respond
to list but to me.

>> I don't know Shawn.. why "you gotta go coppin on" Mike Graham's idea? He
>> did a Sloan page about 3 years ago. <grin>

I wouldn't go as far as calling mike's site a site. Its more of an advanced
FTP site then a actual site. Plus it hasn't been updated since 1994, yes
thats *two* years ago. I by any means am not putting down Mr. Graham, its
just that there hasn't been an update there since 1994.

I forget who said this, but it was to the affect that the two sites are
different, how come after we added all the video's, the very next day there
was video's added to the other site???? Hmmmmm.....

Also how would someone like James Covey feel if someone started another
sloan mailing list called something like sloan-l ???? I don't think he would
like it to much, but then again I could be wrong....

Anyways I'm not gonna talk about this any more.

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