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Re: summerROCK

Sorry, I wasn't there, however, I am an '89,'90,'91 grad of summer rock. I 
even attended summer 
rock with those guys. Hell! I was in a band with rob from thrush hermit 
back in 91. Those were the days... Of course that's back when Mike C. was 
in the band. What ever happened to Mike C? I haven't heard from him in a 
while. Maybe he will write me a message when he reads this one...

And kids, as techie Bruce from Summer Rock says, never forget to use 
shielded cords for all your guitar, pedal and amp connections. 

On Tue, 16 Jul 1996, CAitlin Hancey wrote:

> hmmm...are there any other sloannetters who are attending summer rock this
> year?  Cos ian an joel of thrush hermit were there today talking and
> answering questions and all that crap, and i was just thinking of what kind
> of posts would turn up...if any of you were there.  SO WERE YOU???
> most sincerely,
> CAitlin.