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Re: Murder/Jay Songs [actual Sloan content] ;-)

>     don't.  Nee-ner, Nee-ner, etc. etc.  Does Murderecords
>     have the CD available yet so that they too can order
>     OCTA?  [Many thanks, again to Shant!]

	Yes, the do!  My friend sent away for OCTA in the mail, and I 
said  "What are you doing that for?  We'll find the time and money to 
drive to Canada (from NYC) before Murderecords gets around to filling 
your order."  Well, one week later, he was listening to OCTA while I was 
still reading the OCTA lyrics post, trying to extrapolate the new album 
from Twice Removed.  My apologies to Murder.  My order is in the mail now...
	And speeking of OCTA...  I copied it from him, and at first I was 
somewhat disappointed.  After "The Good in Everyone", I thought "Yes!  
This album is going to make "Two Seater" sound like "Loosens".  Well, the 
tempo slowed not too gradually, but I spread some fertilizer on it, and 
it has since grown on me.  This album is so poppy it's an opium trip.

Here' the info from a previous post:   ( ristow\!/voyager.net (alan))

    CD     US$12.00
    CASS   US$ 8.00
    12"    US$10.00

All prices include shipping, pay in US dollars, preferrably money orders.
No credit cards, as far as I can tell. Address is murderecords, PO Box 2372
Halifax Central, Halifax, NS B3J 3E4.


		-Erik (E.C.) Christiansen