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more on the sloan vid shoot

hello all :)

since carol and i were at the shoot from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm we basically saw
the whole thing evolve so here's what we've been able to sketch the video
will be like.

the beginning will have andrew playing the end of junior panthers on the
piano, he come out and sit behind the skins while the father of the bride
asks fiona for a dance. then she'll walk over and start dancing. in the
meanwhile chef! marc brown runs out and orders a waiter to go around and pass
out drinks, the waiter breaks his glasses during the marc b. encounter and is
forced to serve drinks semi-blind. he goes around and bumps into people and
eventually into the bride, spilling champagne all over her and she runs away
in tears, much to the fright of her father (who is too cute for words!). the
officer groom beats up the waiter and then the gate crashers manage to get
into the room and run to the stage and start pogoing to sloan. 

it was a really fun, boring, cool, tiring, yummy day :)

shout outs to carol, julie, kelly, trish, lisa and the kingston gang, julie
j., warren, rob, chris, and sean.


-=- D'Arcy -=-