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snob shop/crappo2/sebadoh video info

Hi James,
     I heard you told brave new waves I was fucking S. Albini a couple of
years ago. Here's something more titillating ...
       I'm just about ready to release some more music in the form of two 7"
records. One Crappo and one Craps. (Craps is with Rebecca Kraatz, you saw us
both at CKDU a while back when you did Spike's fill in) they will be under
Special Crap instead of Snob Shop, I think.
Anyway, these recordings are going to blow everyone's mind and be a source of
great confusion. I'm not going to put very many in stores if I can help it.
Perhaps you can post this message on your Sloan net, and if anyone is
interested in getting a copy of those or the old snob shop record, why they
can talk to me directly at
you can mail stuff to 
PO Box 1515, CRO, Halifax, NS, B3J 2Y3
I'm just finishing up a Sebadoh video that is sure to make people laugh and
be aroused by the band's sexuality. it's for the song "OCEAN" it features two
members from Six Finger Satellite as well. 
I'm going to put out a cool video compilation too, sometime, maybe in August.
It will be crappo and craps videos and a very sexy workout video starring
Wayne MacPherson (a member of CRAPPO2).
Also, Much Music has a Crappo video but they haven't played it yet, probably
because I forgot to say who was in the band, duh. It's a song me and Stinkin
Rich did together. It's called " Cooler". I'm making my bio today. The video
stars this guy Roger Sparks, he's from dartmouth. I found a cool breakbeat,
and Rich put it together how I wanted it and he scratched over it. The words
in the song are really boastful and inspired by hip hop music( especially
Kool Keith, Dr. Octagon), but they are all true.
 Love, Laura Borealis