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Re: summerROCK

On Tue, 16 Jul 1996, colin mackenzie wrote:

> Mike C kicks ass in The Avenger 7, Halifax's coolest band
> as well as a founding member of the famouse state champs.
> Halifax's up and coming Drummer boy

mike c just got back from a whirlwind 60hr. tour of boston and 
freeport with j and dan 
mote, mark champ and our pal spike to see polvo at the mid east.  he is 
tired, but over all happy, alhtough 
he missed seeing E.A.R. and bowery electric the following night.

big ups to my man avi - sorry i missed you when you were in town last time 
(i was in northampton) - and to colin n., for the nice review.

AVENGERMANIA UPDATE: avengers 7 will be back (by popular demand) at the 
birdland this weekend (i'm not sure if it's friday or saturday ...) 
playing with hope and the monoxides.  look out for a new bass player and 
maybe some bears on unicycles or something... come check it out.  

 state champs info - new split 7" with the motes out SOON on daydream/ant.