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back in black.

hey, folks, guess what.  i'm not dead.

unless having 150 messages stockpiled in one's
"reply" folder counts as technically dead.

i just haven't been able to keep up with email
lately.  too many demands on my time.  sorry
about whatever trouble i've caused.  i'm going
to try to handle all the sub/unsub requests
this very evening.

in other sloan net news, i still haven't heard
from the person who was offering to host our
list on his server.  this is bad news because
this computer (ac.dal.ca) has two weeks left
to live.  

worst case scenario:  if sloan net gets
interrupted for a few days, rest assured
that all your addresses will be saved on
my home computer and the list will be up
and running again a few days later on a
new host.  i never wanted that to happen
but unless the person who offered comes
through for us it may have to.  so if
sloan net suddenly dies on august 1,
please don't panic and rest assured that
the list will be reborn as soon as i
can arrange it.

hi ho, hi ho, it's off to handle requests
i go.

sleepy, lazy, grumpy listmanagerboy

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