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Stolen Goods

I am posting this on behalf of my friend Linda who was at the Sloan video
shoot (she was the bridesmaid with the sexy blonde streaks in her hair who
wore the long and flowing, diaphonous, Diana Ross-style, yellow dress). If
anyone has the item she is looking for, please contact her.


(Her e-mail follows...)

Hey Laura,

You can post this verbatim if you like:


One cigarette filter:
Black & Silver with Rhinestones
It was on the front table, centre closest to the stage. I figure that someone 
probably snagged it as a souvenir of sorts. But this means alot to me. It
was my late grandmothers. If you could return it I would be ever so
grateful. No questions asked. Please... e-mail me here or mail it to Murder.


  Linda Bush  Attic Records Ltd.  102 Atlantic Ave.  Toronto,ON   M6K 1X9