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Re: Eden Musicfest

Sorry for another long one...

>>Sloan was bad. Not good bad, bad bad. It wasn't their fault, really --
>>Patrick's guitar didn't work. It would be time for him to play and all we'd
>>hear is a little scratchy sound.
>I wouldn't go so far as to say that they were bad.  They definately weren't
>as good as they could have been, and the guitar problems didn't help the
>situation.  I still don't have octa, but on the strength on G turns to D (i

I think they were bad. They certainly didn't even come close to the
greatness of the other two times I have seen them. The worst part was, I
had been building up their live shows to my two friends for months, and
when Sloan's set was over one of them said, "I think we could have skipped
that." And he knows some of the music and likes most of it (he hates
"Underwhelmed", which reminds me, they didn't do a single song from

>What sort of trouble was Patrick having with his guitar at Edenfest?

Technically, I couldn't tell ya. The effect was that when he played it he
usually only got a scratchy sound out over the PA. I don't know what it
sounded like in his amp or monitors. I *was* close enough to tell, but
after I'd shoved about 12 handsful of ass off my head halfway through the
second song I decided to move back so I could listen to the music...


>I guess that since you left immediately after they announced that there was
>going to be no special guest you don't really know what happened during ani
>difranco and after the show was over.  I was still there, attempting to get
>out of the parking lot, but not having much luck.  The whole "riot" was not

The entire security staff couldn't have dragged me out of the park before I
saw Ani DiFranco! She's who I was looking most forward to seeing on Sunday!
(And she also had the best performance of the fest, IMHO.) I did see a
fire, though it seemed pretty benign. I saw lots of angry people, and more
than one person asked me to tell everyone I came across to riot if there
was no special guest (I guess that rumor got started early).

>The whole special guest thing is no doubt the cause of the problems, but
>contrary to what you said, they weren't lying.  I went over to the Internet
>stuff and read the latest stuff from www.canoe.com and the first time that i
>heard that the special guest was likely to be a big jam was friday

I first heard that the guest would be Green Day late on Friday, and I've
come across that rumor several times since. Sure, I might be wrong, I'm
just repeating what I've heard/read. The stuff I said about tires rolling
into campsites, and campsites and golf carts on fire came via the internet
from people who claimed to have stayed overnight Sunday and whose campsites
were victimized. Granted, via the internet it's impossible to tell who
you're talking to, but I heard the story from at least 5 people. I got on
the road just before you did (about 9:30 -- walking to the parking lots
turned out to be much much faster than taking the bus!), so I doubt if I
missed much more than you did.

At the same time, had it been anything major it seems like it would have
gotten a fair bit of press coverage; I don't anything about the Toronto
papers, but the paper here in Detroit said that the police were very
pleased with the way people behaved themselves (only 3 arrests out of
50,000+), that it was widely considered a success, but that Eden
Entertainment wasn't going to make any money off of it this year.

The security at this event was the best security I've ever seen at any
event (and I've been to a lot) -- they were total pros, and instead of
having the us vs. them attitude that a lot of security firms have, they
were very friendly and seem to have won the trust of the concert attendees.
I really hope the promoters don't look at what happened Sunday night and
decide that the solution is tighter security, or they could ruin an event
that I might even come up from Atlanta to see next year (I'm moving in the

Sorry to be so long again... but everybody knows that only I can be right.  :-)