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Re: plumtree encounter!

On Tue, 16 Jul 1996, Avi Cieplinski wrote:

> Hey, I was the guy with Plumtree. I am a friend of Amanda's from high 
> school and beyond and I am attending U of Waterloo. They had the day off 
> yesterday so I came down and hung out with them. I drove them over to the 
> mall since they wanted to buy some stuff for their tour. Amanda bought 
> some books to read and Lynette bought a book for her friend. I bought 
> them one of those magic invisible marker game books. It was a decade of 
> the 80's quiz book. 
> They were really happy that someone recognized them. I told them that 
> they were big rock stars but Amanda got embarresed.
> Anyway, that's the story...
Do you mean that no one else in that mall recognized them? WOW, I feel 
special! I was thinking of asking for their autographs but then at the 
time I thought that was too cheesy. But then the day after I regretted it 
and even brought my Plumtree CD to work for them to sign just in case I 
spotted them in the mall. But no such luck. Ah well, I heard that 
Plumtree is play a show at the CNE in Toronto in August so maybe you'll 
swing by with them to the mall again. Hopefully I'll be working that day!
Later :)


P.S. Didn't get to see Plumtree play at the Horseshoe in Toronto last 
night because I had already made plans to see `Independence Day' with a 
couple of friends last night. Two thumbs up. Plus the fact that I found 
out about the show late(I think it was Lynette who had mentioned it the 
day before) and the fact that when I checked Eye Magazine,  Plumtree's name 
was conspicuously left out of the listing.