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Plum Tree

To: Sloanet
From: Eric Lapointe <ericlap\!/interlog.com>
Subject: Plum Tree

Hello Sloanetterites,

I went to see the wonderful Plum Tree last evening at the fine Horseshoe
Tavern in Toronto.  Also playing were London ON's Salmonblaster and
Edmonton's Mollys Reach.  

First off were Plum Tree, what can I say?  They are ultra cool playing ultra
pop songs.  They don't amaze me or blow me away but I was always love to
watch them play.  I can just sit back and enjoy the tunes...and by the way
their CD Mass Teen Fainting is very good, especially on a day when you are
getting tired of all your power pop records.  It was a pretty straight
forward show, the sound was good, and the songs sounded close to what it is
on the CD.  Perhaps the sound wasn't that great on stage because Amanda came
up to me later to ask me if it sounded alright.  I'd say it was flawless
except for the first song where we couln't really hear Amanda's voice.
After that only a few songs sounded a little off, but only because it was
different from the CD, not because it was bad.  The crowd seemed very
receptive to the music, always clapping loudly.  Songs to note were
Tropical, the Phone the Phone...my favourite so I guess that's why they had
a greater impact on me live.  I interviewed them after their set, so I'll
post it at the end.

Next up was London's Salmonblaster.  Since I was interviewing Plum Tree in
the back, I only got to see 3 or 4 songs played...and I wished I'd seen
more...they are awesome.  They are a very hard band, a little bit of punk,
metal, pop, all in all I like them...they "rawk".  Next was Mollys Reach
from Edmonton, they were way more pop, very West Coastish sounding a little
bit like other bands I've heard from Vancouver but they also had a little
bit of an east coast feel, although it was overpowered by other influences.
The only unfortunate thing is that the crowd wasn't really into it as much
as they were for Plum Tree and Salmonblaster...I'm judging this by the
amount of clapping going on.

Some of the Plum Tree interview:

ERic Lapointe: I'm once again here with Plum Tree, last time it was in
Hamilton, Ontario during Reading week and now it's in Toronto, Ontario at
the Horseshoe Tavern, and they are here on a two month tour you guys said on
stage so how is that working out so far?

Carla: Um...this is our fourth show, and they've all went pretty well so
far, and we've had one day off, and we left on Thursday...so hasn't been to
long yet, in 2 months..I don't know what shape we'll be in by the end but
were trying to paste ourselves, excercising in the morning...

Lynette: I was skipping today and uh..

Carla: Oh you mean actual skipping.

Lynette: Yeah I was skipping today like...no skip ropping. People said stuff
to me so I went back inside.

Katrina: I just started to learn how to skateboard and it is surprinsingly
good excercise I found, yup...

Amanda: And I've been sleeping and rolling over a lot in bed (laughs) so I
guess that's excercise sorta...

EL: So the tour somewhat sounds fun are you having a good time so far...are
a lot of people showing up to the shows?  How are the shows going?

Amanda: Well one thing that I've notice anyways is that like, except for
this show, is that we've played last at every show and stuff and I think it
is starting to be like people...you can tell some people have been to shows
before and come and see us, which is really nice and a great feeling...and
so before, a lot of times, we just opened for bands..but now it is a little
more scarry because the onus is on us. But it's really fun and great.

EL: Now how is the CD doing so far?

Lynette: Um..it went platinum in...(laughs)

EL: Uh hah.

Katrina: I actually I heard it went led and um...plutonium in several

Carla: Well It came out in February so we couldn't do much touring or
anything at the beginning because we were in school so it was supposed to be
this "ok we can't tour but it's going to come in February" so it was hyped
up it and then it the hype was suppose to keep growing until the summer
came..until we could actually tour but it went down.

EL: Now these are going to be my last "Nina" questions (directs question to
Katrina) but now how have you settled into the band, are you comfortable
with the band?

Katrina: Well, they've stopped putting water and things in my sleeping bag
(Amanda laughs) and like when I get in the seat of the van there is not mean
pictures anymore so I'm starting to feel I'm little more accepted.

EL: Now after her (Nina) first year of University (McGill) did she ever say
she missed Plum Tree or anything?

Carla: Well, like after University finished in April, so she came home from
April until september so Katrina went back to Ottawa from April until June
or whatever so Nina filled in bass while we were still in Halifax...the
shows we played in Halifax, she filled in.  I think she misses us a bit

Amanda: Yeah, like it's not as if she was dying to get out of the band, but
I mean she's really happy now, and that's the important thing.  She said
that if she was really unhappy she would miss it more but she said she was
having a good time so that's the important thing I guess.

EL: In general are you guys happy with the way Plum Tree is...and I guess
that is a part time band, sort of speak, or would you guys be happier with a
full-time band?

Amanda: Well it has kind of been an issue in the past six months, because we
had different opinions on like how much we were enjoying school or if we
want to stay.  I think at some point, it would be good to at least take a
year off or something and just concentrate on the band but at the same time
school is important to all of us so we just don't want to stop and say
forget it...

EL: So in a way, you are happy with the way it is.

Amanda: Um, We are learning to deal with it but at some point we're going to
have to make some kind of, we're are going to have to sacrifice something
but for right now it's the way it's going to have to be.

Carla: Well I could graduate this year because the program I'm in is only
three years.  So I mean one year and I'm basically done and the other good
thing about still being in school is that..um..if we were doing Plum Tree
full time we wouldn't be able to do a lot of other things to...Me and
Lynette are in other bands that are really important to us and uh..we would
have to sacrifice not only school but a lot of other things too. Like we
write fanzines and radio shows so there is a lot of stuff we wouldn't get a
chance to do if it was solely Plum Tree touring all the time.

Lynette:  It's weird because we've gotten really used to...since we've got
into the band since we were pretty young and stuff, so we're used to
juggling school with the band and balancing them but when you get to a
certain point when you're touring and stuff you do kind of have to choose
one and it's really hard sometimes to do both at once and it's getting
harder.  We are going to do this for as long as we can and we all feel the
band is pretty important so you never know we could end up taking even a
term off or a year off.

Katrina: One of the things too...I never, well obviously they've heard it
all the time but just some people saying that were young and even if we
didn't start doing more time in the band for the next few years that
means...idunno, I was reading the other day that Jale is almost 30 and that
seems...we have 10 years before we get to that point so we have time, there
isn't a huge rush.

Overall the interview was very good, I was always have a fun time
interviewing these 4 great gals.  Unfortunetly though Plum Tree may find
themselves in more trouble in near future because Amanda is now pregnant
with an Alien child.  But don't be alarmed, they said that if all goes well,
the half Martian/half human being will most likely become the fifth member
of the band...and play the french horn for that...uh...french horn sound.

Also, it should be noted that Katrina is an amazing harmonica player.
Mollys Reach asked her to introduce the band and play a wicked blues tune on
She should play harmonica for a Plum Tree song in the future.



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