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sappy show

        Wow, i went to the sappy show in Calgary last night and it was so so
amazing.  I was a little worried about it though, because the sign outside
the club and all of the posters said that Eric's Trip were playing, so i was
really afraid that people were going to boo Broken Girl and stuff, but
suprisingly enough, most people were into it, and were not jerks, which is
amazing in Calgary.

        I felt really bad for Snailhouse though.  People talked all the way
through his set, he even apologized for not being a rock band, which he
shouldn't have had to do.  But he played really well.

        Julie was really sick, and kept apologizing for that on stage, and
played a pretty short set for this reason, but it was still so good.  I felt
myself almost crying in some parts. For the most part people really listened
to her, and it was so pretty.  Again, she apologized for not being eric's
trip, as the posters had promised, but no one seemed to mind.  The only
thing that bothered me was that people cheered the hardest when she did
"Secret For Julie," because it was a song they knew from eric's trip,
whereas her other stuff is just as good.  But all in all, she got a pretty
good reception for every song, which really pleased me, i didn't know there
were so many cool kids in calgary who were so into all the sappy stuff.

        Orange Glass totally kicked my ass.  Omigod, Ron Bates, if you're
checking your email, know that you're the shit, baby.  What a show. It was
so nice hearing Julie play with them, and their set was just too amazing for

        Wow, all that and the local rabbits and the super friendz tonight.
I think i'm going to explode.  By the way, if anyone has any good questions
for the local rabbits, please tell me, as Joe Chan and i will be
interviewing them this afternoon on his show "Stick it to the Chan."


beware the she-man cannibal hunters, they may be coming for you!