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Re: eden fest

Dale Westman\!/skylinc.net wrote:
> did anyone happen to catch sloan \!/ eden fest this past weekend?

my friend went.  He's not a huge sloan fan, but he thinks they put one 
the best performance.  Apparently Jay was yelling "fuck you" to the 
sound man cuz he couldn't get his vocals right.  

> I heard they showed half an hour of it on Much, did they only play for 
>half an hour?  I heard Sloan was shown hanging out with perry ferrel of 
>porno for pyros

If anyone was hanging with anyone, I'd say Porno for Pyros was hanging 
out with Sloan!  :-)  Perry Ferrel just bugs me.  I guess during his 
performance he yelled something like "I want all you kids tonight to 
fuck, and before you cum, you gotta name your kid Perry!"  I know he was 
joking (I hope so anyway), but that's just a stupid thing to say (IMO). 
> One more thing, there was this band called Snailhouse who played the 
>X-club in Hamilton with all of the Eric's Trip spin-off bands, was this 
>a code name for an

Snailhouse is Michael Feuerstack, an one man band.  His music is really 
cool, pick up the snailhouse sappy single!!!