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Re: the new sloan video

On Mon, 15 Jul 1996, kelly wrote:

>  some luckier people got
>  to be in "the wedding party".
>  hopefully someone else can add to this.
>  kelly

	Ok so I'll add to this.....
	Chris had stated that I could be in the wedding party but when the
the damn producer called she told be to just wear plain clothes.  I was
totally bummed. BUT......
	Thanks to Sizzle, D'arcy, and Trish I was scammed into the wedding
party  (Thankyou to my sister for telling me to wear a nicer shirt too!)
 and with my All-stars sneakers and everything I got to be a dancing foo'.
So then I proceed to tango and dip my foot shorter teenage stud dance
partner all around the video shoot and make everyone laff. 
	Along with gettting major camera time us priviledged wedding
partiers got to eat good stuff like pizza and candy and fruit while the
wedding crashers got crap to eat...Sorry guys..

	and while waiting around between takes. what was jay playing on
his guitar? none other than the Local Rabbit's "Sally Ann." :)

	I had a blast. A couple of sloan netters and I also stole way too
much shit for our own good...there's a picture floating around with D'arcy
and me with all our contraband (which included the cake knife and the
guest book-I HAD to have!) (hey Carol there's a picture for your zine!)

what a wicked day!

ps I think this chic is on here and so if this is you read on if not, I'm
sorry and totally disreagard this.but this was really bothering me:
one of you party crashers was talking shit about a fellow Sloan netter at
the video shoot.  We know who you are. WE'd like it to stop NOW.
this is a kind and caring person NEVER EVER did anything to you