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Re: Murder/Jay Songs [actual Sloan content] ;-)

> 1.  Thanks to Shant, I have a lot of American friends that
>     are quite jealous that I have the new Sloan and they
>     don't.  Nee-ner, Nee-ner, etc. etc.  Does Murderecords
>     have the CD available yet so that they too can order
>     OCTA?  [Many thanks, again to Shant!]

I have one, too! Hahahahaha! I guess they ran out of copies of OCTA at
the Cleveland show just before a friend of a friend was going to buy
one. Ha!

> 2.  I think I've got Chris and Patrick's voices down.  At
>     least I'm able to pick out their songs on each of the
>     three full-length CD's.  I'm having trouble with Jay
>     and Andrew, though.  Which songs are Jay's and which
>     are Andrew's on OCTA?  What about TR?

All the songs on OCTA are by Stinkin' Rich. Sloan is a side project of

> PS.  This reminds me... when Sloan played in Seattle a few
>      years ago, I sat next to Jay for the opening bands at
>      the back of the room in this club called the Crocodile
>      Cafe.  He was a really nice guy, very open and friendly.

I drunkenly accosted Jay at a fIREHOSE show in Cincinatti not long
after Smeared came out. I was _really drunk_ (on Rolling Rock!) and
told him what a great band he had and that I'd seen them in Cleveland
the night before and...

...I woulda smacked me if I was him. I'm sure I was very annoying.


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