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Murder/Jay Songs [actual Sloan content] ;-)

Hey all!  I have two questions.

1.  Thanks to Shant, I have a lot of American friends that
    are quite jealous that I have the new Sloan and they
    don't.  Nee-ner, Nee-ner, etc. etc.  Does Murderecords
    have the CD available yet so that they too can order
    OCTA?  [Many thanks, again to Shant!]

2.  I think I've got Chris and Patrick's voices down.  At
    least I'm able to pick out their songs on each of the
    three full-length CD's.  I'm having trouble with Jay
    and Andrew, though.  Which songs are Jay's and which
    are Andrew's on OCTA?  What about TR?

Well, thanks for the help in advance.  I'm going back to
listening to OCTA now.  :-)




PS.  This reminds me... when Sloan played in Seattle a few
     years ago, I sat next to Jay for the opening bands at
     the back of the room in this club called the Crocodile
     Cafe.  He was a really nice guy, very open and friendly.