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plumtree encounter!

My brush with east-coast stardom was oh so short but sweet. Of
all places I saw the Plumtree girls at Coles
Bookstore(Mississauga, Ontario) where I work. I only really got
to say anything to Lynette. The extent of our conversation
was(and not word for word) :

Lynette : I was wondering if you could check a book for me.

Mike : You're in Plumtree, right? (well duh! as the thought       
             registered in my brain. Was that all I could come up 

Lynette : Yes, I am.

Mike : Are you playing a show in Toronto or something. (As far as 
      I knew, I didn't know they were playing?)

Lynette : Yeah. We played  a show yesterday. 

Mike : {I checked the computer for the book she asked for}

Lynette : So, when did you see us play.

Mike : I saw you play at the Ultrasound and another time before
that[at the Rivoli]. {I look at the computer and see we might
have a copy of a book that she wanted instock.} Okay, we might
have a copy of the book instock. I can go check the shelf. {So we
go check the shelf, but it isn't there} Sorry, but I guess we
don't have it in at the moment.

Lynette : Well, thanks for checking anyway.

Mike : (I either said) `Your welcome' or `No problem' 

And there you have it folks. Short and sweet. I must say that on
one hand I was kind of nervous just because I don't expect to
meet bands at work. On another hand I had customers to wait
on(yeah, duty calls, right). And on a savagely, disfigured,
mutant third hand I didn't have the heart to be a lunatic fan and
babble on.