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the new sloan video

 i'm surprised no one else has posted anything about
 this yet but....
 yesterday at the royal york hotel in toronto, sloan
 filmed a video for "everything you've done wrong". the
 concept is sort of a wedding reception and everything
 that could go wrong does. sloan are the band playing at
 the party with brenndan macguire and dallas goode on the
 there will be lots of familiar faces in this video
 including some us silly sloan-net people. they started filming
 at like 7 am and didn't finish til 9:30 pm!!
 i thought that by the end of the day i would not
 want to hear that song ever again but this was not the
 case. after sitting in there for 5 hours waiting for
 our turn as stupid role as "party-crashers", i was pretty
 restless. in fact, i think i'll be more embarrassed than
 proud if i made it onto a shot. some luckier people got
 to be in "the wedding party".
 yesterday i was sort of cranky about the whole thing
 but i now realize i had a really good time. warren
 made the observation that the director looked like
 hacksaw jim duggan (wwf).
 i think chris said the video will be ready in a few weeks
 so look for it then.
 hopefully someone else can add to this.