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Re: Eden Musicfest

At 02:40 PM 7/15/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Sloan was bad. Not good bad, bad bad. It wasn't their fault, really --
>Patrick's guitar didn't work. It would be time for him to play and all we'd
>hear is a little scratchy sound.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that they were bad.  They definately weren't
as good as they could have been, and the guitar problems didn't help the
situation.  I still don't have octa, but on the strength on G turns to D (i
think thats the name) i almost bought it there.  (CD =$13.99)  I only really
noticed the lack of guitar in one song, and i can't even remember what it
was.  Something interesting to note is that they went to molson park not
mosport initially and only arrived about 10 minutes before they went on.

>Then they cancelled the special guest. They claimed it would have been sort
>of an all-star jam made including members of all the bands, but that it
>logistically just wouldn't work. Nobody really bought that -- I mean, how
>long has this been scheduled? The most legit story seemed to be Green Day
>-- people who had been backstage said Green Day had been there since
>Friday. What I'm sort of piecing together now is that they wanted to finish
>the show while it was still daylight, so it would be easier to put down any
>mini-riots that ensued. Thing is, they ensured themselves a big riot as
>soon as they cancelled the special guest. I left right away, but from what
>I've heard, campsites and even a golf cart were set on fire last night, the
>tire bundles at the sides of the race track were pulled apart and tires
>rolled down the hills -- I saw some incredibly pissed off people last
>night, so I can't say I'm surprised. That was the organizers only blunder
>of the weekend, but what a big one it was!

I guess that since you left immediately after they announced that there was
going to be no special guest you don't really know what happened during ani
difranco and after the show was over.  I was still there, attempting to get
out of the parking lot, but not having much luck.  The whole "riot" was not
that at all.  It started from people throwing garbage at each other accross
a little valley near the main entrance.  A couple of people got hurt and a
lot of tents got damaged and a lot got messy with flying mustard, and
anything else that you could throw.  Eventually, and i have no idea what
actually started it, someone lit a fire out of all the garbage that was
accumulating from the war.  Then some one lit one on the other side.  Both
of those were put out by security, but by that time the idea had caught on
and by about 9:30 there were at least 6 fires burning, the ones in the RV
camping area being the largest.  When i left most of them were still
burning, but none were going anywhere.  The fire dept, had arrived, after a
while, and a bunch of cops.  by 10:00 i was on the road, so i don't know
anything from then on.

The whole special guest thing is no doubt the cause of the problems, but
contrary to what you said, they weren't lying.  I went over to the Internet
stuff and read the latest stuff from www.canoe.com and the first time that i
heard that the special guest was likely to be a big jam was friday
afternoon.  The other alternative i heard was that it would be Stomp, the
stage act that is currently in toronto.  I also know that mark drost was
temporarily hospitalized on friday night due to an anxiety attack.  But
despite all this, Eden is being hailed as a huge success and will probably
continue as an annual event.