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I know that there's already been a few posts on this but I thought I'd
throw in my two cents anyway because I had an awesome time.  

I thought sloan was good despite the sound problems, that weren't that bad
anyway.  I remember recently someone posted a review of a show and said
that the new stuff that sounds like the beatles, doesn't sound like that
live, I agree.  In fact the new stuff sounded so good live it has given me
reason to like the the new c.d. even more.  I also noticed that on most of
the new stuff they turned Chris' bass way up, I figured the band did this
to make the music more mosh friendly.  I thought that maybe this was why
Jay told the sound guy to fuck off (if that's who he was talking to)
because on some songs the bass was too high.

Overall the festival was very well organized, except of course the special
guest thing.

Khaled Attar
History/Political Science II
President-Carleton University Reform Association
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	 it bleeds."-Sebadoh