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Re: Sloan and E.T video's

hey all! :)

>Hey, I was wondering if anyone can tell me which Sloan and Eric's Trip 
>songs have been made into videos...and if possible what the videos are 

since i have not posted in a while, i'm reserving the right to answer this
query. :)

as far as sloan's videos go, we've seen:

UNDERWHELMED (#1) - shot in chris murphy's parnets' basement. features
	young members of thrush hermit playing spin the bottle & young 
	shaggy-haired members of sloan hopping about playing instruments.
	'peppermint' version of the song.

UNDERWHELMED (#2) - glitzy baby! 'smeared' version of the song, fast clips
	of the band playing somewhere dark & horsing around on/in a moving 
	vehicle.andrew is the driver. :) chris bites patrick's cheek, eh carol?

500-UP - shot under a bridge in NY i do believe. featuring the band
	gussied-up in matching gas-station attendant jackets, all playing
	red instruments. goofiness, plus the infamous "Rappin' Ken doll with a
	duck's head driving around in Barbie's Camero".

"COAX ME" - like buttah. made to look like a 60's band appearing on a TV show,
	plain & simple. the band plays the tune on a funny little stage in 
	of a blue background. some splitscreen w/ tacky colours too, for
	good measure.
"PEOPLE OF THE SKY" - reds & greens, band plays under trees on a lawn.
	shot w/ help from UCLA students. lots of goofiness here. lots
	of 'rock paper scissors' too. :)

"THE GOOD IN EVERYONE" - you've heard it before- intro's longer than the song,
	Easy Rider copy, etc, etc.

now for  e r i c ' s  t r i p :

"MY ROOM" - fast & blury, lotsa trees. half b&w, half colour. hard to make
	out what's what at parts...some band shots i think. :)
"STOVE" - all b&w, very slow moving. some tree shots, camera pans along
	a still-standing rick 1st verse, along a still-standing julie the 2nd
"VIEWMASTER" - shots of the band playing in various locales are divided
	by an effect similar to what you'd see looking through a real 'view-
	master'. you know...'click'..'click'...some ocean shots...a mommy-to-
	be-julie and a shaved-head-mark are also featured.

"SUN COMING UP" - mixed b&w and colour....lotsa trees, oceans, clouds;
	signature ET imagery. some live band shots, lots of fast, shaky clips.
	the neatest shot is the one in which the camera pans slowly across 
	the band playing, in b&w, but only pans across their middles.
	feels kinda tense, like the 'my room' video.

ok that's it i think. if i've forgotten some weird thing here just blame it
on the fall i took off a horse saturday. or maybe just on the fact that im
KRAZY (like you all), as the impact article confirms. :) :)
sorry if my fractured grammar/punctuation is too much for some of you. :)

tara, pioneer of aerodynamics
 :) :) :)

ps/ haligonians, freakin fish says 'hi!'. he misses the ocean. :(

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom