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Is this the first Edenfest review?

hi, everybody! (read that in a dr. nick voice)

well, i guess you've all heard the news, there was no surprise guest at
edenfest.  pretty cheap, eh?  i wasn't even there sunday night, but i was
still disappointed to hear it.

anyways, sloan were really really great.  they played while it was still
light out, so i was able to get some pretty good pictures with my cheap-o
disposable camera.  they mostly played stuff of the new album, including
"everything you've done wrong", sans trumpet.  andrew even came out from
behind the skins to sing "people of the sky".  nothing terribly unusual,
however, but nonetheless great.  bush x came on after sloan, and since i
hate bush x, i passed out near the rain tents until my friend callie
started poking me really hard in the arm to tell me patrick was about 10
feet ahead of us.  i had my copy of "peppermint" with me, and,
convieniently, a package of crayola markers, but i was much too shy to ask
him to sign it, so i made callie do it.  she told him the predicament, and
patrick said "that's ok, i made chris do the same thing when we saw william
shatner in a hotel in new york".  isn't he just too adorable?  aren't they
all, for that matter?

since i'm awfully bored right now, i'm going to give a run-down of the rest
of the bands i managed to catch, so if you're one of those people that will
break my kneecaps if i don't post EC content, please stop reading now.

Merlin-just crazy, really cool.
The Cure-i'm not even that big a cure fan, but i must admit i was terribly

Bush X-i hate them.  what more can i say?
Tracy Bonham-mistress of violin rock.
Spacehog-i want to marry them, they were so cool.
Everclear-they put on a really good show.  you've just got to have respect for
Love & Rockets-by far the best performance of the 2 days i was there.
Porno For Pyros-i can simply not explain the fun i had during this set.

well, that's all i have to say--oh, wait, i won this huge autographed shed
7 poster!  i didn't get to see them though, but i did get to meet them.  is
anyone even reading this anymore?

i'll be going now, sorry for the lack of EC stuff.