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Hercules performs tonight

Oops, I don't know if this message got through the first time or not.
Apologies to all those who don't live in Halifax.

Hey, this is a gentle reminder that the (mighty) Hercules will be
performing at Cafe Ole tonight.  There will be also be a number of
bands/artists performing after us as well:  Hip Club Groove (see them
play, and then you can buy their new cd too!), MadHat (also with recent
cd.  Lunenburg's hottest export), probably Sixtoo, and maybe a special
appearance by (blue)Tyler(lounger)'s new band, the name of which I forget.

I don't know how much it will cost to get in, but it won't be much.
Doors open at 7:00, and the show will probably be over by 11:00, so you
can go to the Birdland and catch Shine Factory, State Champs, and
Cool Blue Halo afterwards.  

Okay thank you,



Dear Edouart,
	thank you for the kind words.