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X-Country tour dates...


although not every single one of these dates includes an east coast band,
i am including all dates so y'all can get a chance to see these nice bands
in *your* hometown. all information is c/o the sweet kids at endearing
records. if you would like more information, please email blair (address
at the bottom). thanks. :) and make sure to go to cafe ole tonight. :) and
birdland, too. :) at the very least, run over to the atlantic earth
festival - there's lots to do this weekend if you are in halifax. :)


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sat  july 13: b'ehl, superfriendz, local rabbits in winnipeg (\!/ west end)
thu, july 18: b'ehl, bonaduces in regina (cultural centre - name?)
fri  july 19: b'ehl, bonaduces in calgary (night gallery)
sat  july 20: b'ehl, bonaduces in calgary (carpenters union hall, all ages)
sun  july 21: b'ehl, bonaduces, tonebursts, space kid, superfriendz (anza)
mon  july 22: off (unless someone in bc wants to do a basement show or bbq ;)
tue, july 23: b'ehl, bonaduces plus others in north van (southwall collective)
wed, july 24: b'ehl, bonaduces, and a limblifter side project in van (gate)
thur, july 25: b'ehl, bonaduces (tentatively in kamloops at the grind
unless something else comes up)
fri, july 26: b'ehl, bonaduces (tent in nelson at the garage)
sat, july 27: b'ehl, bonaduces in lethbridge (club soda)
sun, july 28: b'ehl, bonaduces, plumtree in winnipeg (west end)

tue, aug 6: b'ehl, nerdy girl, strawberry in winnipeg (heartland)
fri, aug 16: b'ehl, bonaduces, speedbuggy, transister in wpg (west end)

thats it! see yah...blair
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