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og bg and sh!

yep, the sappy tour hit tha Gate last night (pretty crappy venue for
this bill if one were to ask me), but everyone was *amazing*

mark (is that his name?) a.k.a. snailhouse started the show -- not the
easiest music to describe, but maybe like james taylor with an edge?  i
mean that in a good way.  jazzy chords beneath descriptive lyrical songs 

broken girl was next and again, excellent stuff...then orange glass --
not what i was expecting -- good, just different.  live, it somehow
reminded me more of, say, the new grand than eric's trip (were i to make
a comparison, which i guess i just did:).  Has julie been playing bass
with them all along?

anyway, hope to see y'all at the show on sunday!

PS -- i'm not sure if i mentioned this before, but tix for the
superfriendz all ages show are going to be $6 at the door (not $8 as i
may have posted)