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Jale on Beaver Country

Woo woo!  Jale just left the studios at KSCR, after doing a special
weekend edition of Beaver Country (my pretentious and self-satisfied all
Canadian music show here in LA).  They did a great hour long live
interview/conversation thingy.  Nice?  Nice!

Thanks to all who sent in questions; they were really happy to hear from
people from home.  In fact they claimed to be tearing up a little, though
they still sounded sunny to me.

They played at Jabberjaw last night, a small, dirty but pretty cool
coffee/all ages club here in LA, and were very well received.  They're
playing again tonight at Spaceland in Silver Lake, which is probably the
coolest club in LA right now. So hey, they're doing great!

I'll post the answers to peoples questions soon, after I listen to the
tape :-).

Tom 'stoked 'cause I had EC content 2 days running' Hayden
Hey Phreak!  Check out my website:
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