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This month's Impact magazine (...wow that compilation rocks...)

Seems that Sloan is really playing up the Beatles thing, eh?  I appreciate
the humour.  They're not going to let people bug 'em with the comparisons
because they're doing it themselves ("get 'em before they get you...").
Doesn't make me like the album any better, but it does make me admire their
determination to do what they feel like.  I thought it was funny to hear
that Geffen wanted Twice Removed to be more Smeared-like.  I thought Twice
Removed was far more accessible than Smeared.  It seemed more like an A&R
guy's wet dream.

Nice to see Sloan-Net mentionned.  The reference is absolutely correct.
Everyone in here is completely nutz...

Did anyone get a copy of the compilation CD?  The lead-off track rockz with
a capital Z.  Actually I'm more interested in Cleveland Steamer.  Anyone
know anything about this band?  This is the first track I've heard by them.
Oh and I can't say enough about Tinker.  I've had Receiver, their new CD,
for awhile now and it's really grown on me.  Their track on the comp is by
far my favorite though.  If you don't have a copy of the comp, I suggest you
pick up Tinker's disc.  Run to your local indie retailer.

Also why not subscribe to Impact?  We all know it's the best mag out there.

Ass-kissingly yours,