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sorry, i meant to say...

sorry to everyone, i know how to use the delete key, wanted to know what 
shannon said so i wouldn't repeat anything & ended up sending the whole 
thing back to you all (twice)...i will not send anything else til my 
account is fixed! (darn call-waiting)...i'm so embarrassed!

anyway, piggy/avengers 7 (i missed the 1st act, apparently some kind of 
art rock guitar thing who played 1 long song, &  the chinstraps) 
...the *happiest* show i've been to in a long time. the avengers 7 are 
sort of a surf/lounge mostly instrumental outfit wød#*ÛûßÃ][ØÓÛë featuring 
drummer fr piggy on guitar, a member of plumtree, mike c on drums & the 
aforementioned bill on keyboards dressed to the nines...the hulahoopers 
were there (they got a special thankyou fr piggy)