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Re: the secret sloan show - a review


we laff in the face of those who paid big bucks to see the sloan-ers at 
edenfest, when some of us got to see them for free, baby, free last 
night! :) (just teasin')

definitely one of the best sloan shows i've seen. fifth time's a charm..!?..
they played well really well.  and it was extra-neat-o to see chris' face 
turn different shades during "anyone who's anyone" :)  unfortunately, 
they didn't fulfil their set list, by omitting "guidance counselor" and 
"lemonzinger" ;) ;)  anyway, all four boys were energetic, voices were 
sounding good (too bad they didn't play any of andrew's songs), and the 
crowd had fun.  

theory: they played "snowsuit sound" among the _octa_ mix 'cause they knew i 
was going be there ;)  (AS IF!)

the "master of action" ;) wrote:
> brass, and it turned out that it was Chriss filling the void by singing 
> "Laaaa-la-la-la-laaaa.." and he sounded EXACTLY like the horns. I must 
> say. I got a good chuckle out of that :)
i thought they were doing ba-ba's.  oh well.  no bicycle riding at the 
beginning of the video, that's for sure... ;) ;) ;)  

the local rabbits didn't play an impressive set.  i've seen them do much 
better.  waaay better.  of course, i wasn't in the best of moods, so i may 
be biased ;)

off to buy some baby's breath for my hair...

			...sizzle teen

carol nishitoba  :)   2B e.r.s., co-op  !     he said "sure"
ccnishit\!/cousteau.uwaterloo.ca          !