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Re: Winnipeg/Vancouver/Sappy & lots lots more...

as per cory's request and because he's not the only one requesting this
info, here are some dates... lots of dates
first off the Sappy Tour followed by ETH dates and non EC Chixdiggit dates.

Sappy Tour:
** w/ broken girl, snailhouse, orange glass and  moonsocket
* w/  broken girl, snailhouse and orange glass
11  	The Gate, Vancouver, BC  (L) *
12  	The Boot Pub, Whistler, BC (L) *
13      The Limit, Victoria, BC  (L) *
14	St James Community Sq., Vancouver, BC (aa) *
16 	Republik, Calgary, AB (L) * 
17	Sidetrack Cafe, Edmonton, AB  (L) *
19	Spectrum, Winnipeg, MB (L) * w/ Six Finger Satellite
20	West End Cultural Centre, Wpg, MB  (aa) *
21	4th Dimension, Thunder Bay, ON (aa) *
24	Albion, Guelph, ON  (aa/L) **
25	Ultrasound, Toronto, ON  (L) **
26	The Stoneaway, Montreal, QC (aa) **
27 	Lee's Palace, Toronto, ON (aa/L afternoon show - Squirtgun Release party
w/ radioblaster, speedbuggy, moonsocket, orange glass)

Elevator To Hell
(all dates supporting the Doughboys)
24	t.b.a.,  Fredericton, NB (aa)
25	The Dock, Fredericton, NB (L)
26	UPEI, Charlottetown, PEI (aa/L)
27	Cafe Ole, Halifax, NS (aa) 6:00pm-8:30pm
27	Birdland, Halifax, NS (L) evening
28	Planet X, Lunenburg, NS (aa)

and for those of you who are still reading i may as well plug the fact that
Chixdiggit are doing an all ages show in
Edmonton on July 12th
and most likely Kelowna on July 25, also all ages (venue t.b.a., not
confirmed quite yet)
and they will be at CNE on August 31.