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birdland tonight

I just got back from Birdland, and it was just groovy.  First up was this 
frreaked out band, I forget their name, but Jim Dahling was the guy.  My 
God, it's hard to believe he's even weirder than back in highschool ( he 
was 2 years a head of me and a lot of my friends had crushes on him).

Next up, the chinstraps.  I kno someone who now wishes he went tonight, 
as if my company were not enough:)  They were great, I think they played 
7 songs, Gordie, I'm available, Superfemale, Who's creeping out who, and 
3 others that I don't know the name.  One was an instrumental that I 
don't think I've ever heard before.  Whew

Avengers 7... They were GREAT!  I'd never seen them before, and didn't 
know quite what to expect from 'surf rock'  but from the first note on I 
was up on the dance floor, I wasn't the only one either.

Piggy was next, but unfortunatley I didn't stay, gotta get up early for work.

Anyway, as it was mentioned before, Bill Lauch (jr) plays in Avengers 7.  
His dad was there tonight.  Bill Lauch the Science Slauch:)  was at 
Birdland.  Wow, I was starstruck.  The man is a fucking genius.  If you 
ever find radioactive material and don't know what to do with it, call 
him.  Truly a lifesaver.

that's all folks-