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Re: the secret sloan show - a review

On 10 Jul 96 at 7:28, Whiz_Kid\!/tvo.org wrote:
}anyways, the big news is that sloan will be filming their next video for
}"everything you've done wrong" on sunday in toronto. it's going to be a
}wedding reception and sizz and i have been promised choice parts as
}bridesmaids :) we're already colour coordinating everything :) fiona highet
}(andrew's sig. other) is going to be the bride. they wanted "montreal" pete
}elkas to be the groom but he's touring so i have no idea who the groom is
}going to be. anyone who's anyone will be there ;) :)

Uh, isn't Fiona already married to drummer boy?  Would he trust one 
of those crafty rabbits to play stand-in?

Cool.  Now we'll get to see Andrew's unknown actress bride (and see 
if she can act).

(The other) Andrew