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secret special guests...

I just got home from taking the wonderful yonge blue light express 'cause I
missed the last subway.  but it was worth it to see sloan play :)  they
played an unannouced gig at the horseshoe tonight (actually last night now),
after delinquent habit and smoother and before the local rabbits (sloan
*opened* for the rabbits ;) ). it was awesome: sloan sounded great, lots of
sloannet people were there :), and it was $130 less than eden musicfest.
they played all new songs except for snowsuit sound.  chris also rounded up
extras for the new sloan vid for "everything you've done wrong."  cameos
will probably include sizzle teen, d'arcy, warren, and some other kewl
people :)  unfortunately, I'm not gonna be here :(  what timing.  sigh.  and
oh yeah... the local rabbits seemed in fine form.  some woman thought that
king johnny starr was god.

check ya later.


ps. congrats carol :)