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the secret sloan show - a review

hello all :)

yes, sloan played a set at the horseshoe in toronto tonight along with the
local rabbits. they sounded amazing! :) played lots of stuff off octa and
snowsuit sound among them. we tried to get them to play "guidance counselor"
and "lemonzinger" by stealthily writing them at the bottom of their set list
(sizzleteen did) but they were too wise and didn't fall for it :P

local rabbits were "top drawer" (for lisa c-w) as usual. 

anyways, the big news is that sloan will be filming their next video for
"everything you've done wrong" on sunday in toronto. it's going to be a
wedding reception and sizz and i have been promised choice parts as
bridesmaids :) we're already colour coordinating everything :) fiona highet
(andrew's sig. other) is going to be the bride. they wanted "montreal" pete
elkas to be the groom but he's touring so i have no idea who the groom is
going to be. anyone who's anyone will be there ;) :)

well, i'm off to get some much needed sleep :)

-=- D'Arcy -=-

ps - hi to everyone and good-bye and have a wicked trip to linda :)