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super friendz

this one's gonna have to be a shortie...the super friendz played here in 
Ottawa last night, at the cave in a bill with furnace face...the SF were 
in fine form...a little subdued at first, but Matt asked people to get 
closer to the stage, and soon, the large-ish crowd got into it, and the 
set picked up the pace...the new songs are sounding mighty fine, and I'm 
really liking Lonnie on drums...he's quite good...apparently the 10" is 
out this coming week, they didn't have it for sale yet. The new shirts 
are cool...oh, and new album in the fall...watch out for them soon, they 
whould be hooking up with the Local Rabbits pretty soon on the tour out 
west...you lucky bastards...a twin bill I would kill to see...I think 
SF, Local Rabbits and Trash Helmet (TM)  should tour together...can you 
imagine them each trying to whip out the cooler rock moves each night ???
oh man...a dream come true...I've died and gone to Kemptville...