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Re: Edenfest

At 07:18 PM 7/7/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm going to Edenfest!  I'm going to Edenfest!  I'm the happiest girl in
>the world right now, even though I shouldn't be because I just paid $130 to
>see Sloan.  Not that Sloan's not worth it, because they are, but, you
>know...anyways, does anyone know what time Sloan goes on Friday night?

Well $130 is a big price for a concert but not one band is worth $130.
Maybee since it's a three day thing but no one is worth $130, I love Sloan,
they are truly my fav band but if they started charging over the $50 price
range like most
We-are-the-coolest-band-in-the-world-so-lick-our-shoes-bands, I would stop
attending. So far, Sloan or their organizers have been really good to their
fans.  I saw them for $10 at the Opera House in 1993, and the same in 1995
at the Warehouse...and only 29$ to see 29 bands at edgefest3.  I would
agree, however that Sloan is an awesome live act and that even a big price
ticket would be tempting.  I hope they don't get any bads ideas...

ERic :-)  Sloan "rawk" my world even with that new style record called "4
chords to a brother". hahaha

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