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thanks to all those w/ q's for the local rabbits.  but as fate would have 
it, they cancelled 23.5 hours before the broadcast.  

[at this point i need to vent/complain/whine, so delete the message now]

they cancelled with valid reason, but the timing really threw me off, and 
the fact that this would have been the first time i have guests really 
pisses me off and disappoints me.  i know, these things happen all the 
time, but after cancelling the first time in june, and then 
cancelling the volcano show (despite all the posters saying that they're 
on the bill), it just really bites for people living in this area. i know 
i'm being too passionate and immature about this whole ordeal, but it's 
like a big blow to the ego.  i don't know, i'm just ready to start a 
fight with anyone...

(PLEASE don't make the topic of certain groups not playing certain areas a 
topic for discussion.  if you have anything to say about this topic, whine, 
complain, and bitch to *me*, not the list)

thanks for reading, i feel a little bit better now.

			...sizzle teen