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keep on truckin'

        Okay, this is really really silly, but does anyone know if Chris
Murphy ever made a living as a truck driver?

        My friend Sean claims that about five years ago he was working at
the Stampede (ugh...) here in Calgary, and one day a young ruffian pulled up
in a large truck.  He unloaded a bunch of gear, and my friend helped him.
Then the young truck driver shook Sean's hand and said "By the way, my name
is Chris."  A year or so later, Sean was at a hot Calgary night spot,
checking out an up and coming band, that was called, well, Sloan, of course.
Much to our young hero's amazement, the bass player for said band was a dead
ringer for the truck driver that had left such an impression a year before.
Then, when Sean found out that the guy's name was Chris, he was sure that
they were the same guy.  I say that Sean is crazy, and Chris Murphy did not
work as a truck driver prior to becoming the international celebrity that he
is today.

        So, if anybody knows anything about it (and i know you sloan boys
read this stuff, so maybe we can hear something from the man himself),
please clear up this mystery.


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